Friday, April 27, 2012

Buying Skidder Tire Chains

Anyone involved in the forestry or logging business knows a thing or two about skidder tire chains. Skidders, those heavy, four-wheel tractors used to haul logs - especially over rugged terrain, are an extremely useful tool for getting logs from one location to another. Because the landscape around loggers tends to be more harsh than most drivers are used to, special skidder tires provide extra traction. 

Of course, when skidder tires aren't enough, skidder tire chains can provide the extra traction necessary to get through any job. Running upwards of $1,000, skidder tire chains are available in several different varieties. With grapple skidders, most loggers prefer to use heavier skidder tire chains because of the horsepower. For the forwarders, which don't have a lot of clearance, the same result can be achieved with lighter tire chains. 

As with other tire chains, the golden rule for getting the best performance is to keep them tight. If the skidder tire chains are too loose, they wear out. Of course, some loggers experience the other extreme - they put the tire chains on so tight that the tires wear out right in the center. The best advice is to follow the manufacturer's directions for installation. Once you've got your tire chains on, remember to rotate them every 800 or 1,000 hours, as tire chains wear down just as tires do. By taking care of their tire chains, a logger can expert a set to last three to five seasons. 

When looking for new skidder tire chains, the ideal time to buy is when purchasing new tires. Not only does this ensure a better fit, but it also allows for easy installation to ensure that the chains fit the tire properly. 

By purchasing the right tire chains for your skidder tires and taking good care of the chains, loggers can get years of use out of a product that can cut deep into pocketbooks. 

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